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Best Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Quick and easy. Get a Reverse Mortgage partner suggestion.

Quick and easy. Get a Reverse Mortgage partner suggestion.

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    A reverse mortgage can be a helpful way to supplement income for those who plan to age in place. It’s a loan that allows the borrower to access the value of the home, and the loan is repaid when the borrower no longer lives in the home. The most common reverse mortgage is a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) which is backed by the federal government.

    The best reverse mortgage lenders are available to borrowers with a range of credit scores and have several types of reverse mortgage options, competitive rates and multiple payout options.

    To make our top picks, the ConsumerAffairs Research Team vetted 14 reverse mortgage companies reviewed by more than 7,104 people in the last year.  You can read our full methodology to learn more about how we compared different lenders and chose our top picks.

    Note that our picks may be Authorized Partners who compensate us. This does not affect our recommendations or evaluations but may impact the order in which companies appear.

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    Compare our top 3 best reverse mortgage companies

    American Advisors Group (AAG)American Advisors Group (AAG)Finance of America ReverseFinance of America ReverseLiberty Reverse MortgageLiberty Reverse Mortgage
    # of reviews2,1112,9702,019
    Our pick for Best loan officers Easiest application process Reverse mortgage refinancing
    Min. credit score 580-620 620 600-620
    Availability All states but New York and Nevada Most states 48 states (Not in NY or HI)
    Reverse mortgage options HECM, HECM for purchase, jumbo reverse mortgage, single-purpose reverse mortgage, proprietary reverse mortgage and refinancing loans HECM, HECM for purchase, second-lien reverse mortgage and refinancing HECM, HECM for purchase and refinancing
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    All information accurate as of time of publication.

    More info on our top reverse mortgage companies

    It’s important to find a reverse mortgage lender you trust and feel comfortable with. These top three reverse mortgage lenders rated high among our readers for customer service and trustworthiness.

    Best loan officers
    Minimum credit score
    All states but New York and Nevada
    Reverse mortgage options
    HECM, HECM for purchase, jumbo reverse mortgage, single-purpose reverse mortgage, proprietary reverse mortgage and refinancing loans

    American Advisors Group offers a variety of reverse mortgages to help meet customers where they are. The company provides a number of payout options, including a line of credit that can grow over time.

    To make sure loan officers are fully equipped to help borrowers, the company has its own training department. It requires loan officers to take six weeks of comprehensive training before they can help customers. After the initial six weeks, training is ongoing. AAG loan officers only specialize in reverse mortgage loans rather than a wide range of complex mortgage products.

    Full loan requirements are not available online; you’ll need to contact the company or start an application to get those. However, the company does state you’ll need to participate in reverse mortgage counseling and complete a financial assessment.

    • Refinancing options
    • Multiple payout options
    • Loans up to $4 million
    • Limited physical branch locations
    • Not available in New York and Nevada
    • High fees

    Many chose American Advisors Group because it was easy to work with and had reasonable rates. “[The loan officer] was an excellent teacher and easy to speak with. Listened when I spoke, promptly gave me back the information I was looking for, and was pleasant,“ said a reviewer from Illinois. Others agree that the loan officers are quick to answer questions and make them feel comfortable through the process.

    A couple of complaints are directed toward the slow speed of the underwriting department.

    Easiest application process
    Minimum credit score
    Most states
    Reverse mortgage options
    HECM, HECM for purchase, second-lien reverse mortgage and refinancing

    Finance of America Reverse (FAR) offers both government-backed and private reverse mortgages, which can help borrowers access more equity than the current HECM limits. Its website is more user-friendly than other reverse mortgage lenders and packed with helpful resources like videos and calculators.

    Its HomeSafe program offers second-lien reverse mortgages for borrowers who want to keep their low rate but tap into more equity. Additionally, FAR offers EquityAvail, a home equity product for homeowners 62 who do not qualify for a reverse mortgage but need lower monthly payments. Both of these products are available in a limited number of states.

    To get more information about its reverse mortgage options, you can complete a questionnaire on the website or call to speak with a representative. Reverse mortgage amounts are available up to $4 million, and there are loan options with no origination fees.

    • High dollar amounts
    • No origination fees
    • Reverse mortgage options available to those younger than 62
    • HomeSafe program not available nationwide
    • Requirements vary by state

    Customers were pleased with how thoroughly FAR’s company’s representatives answered all their questions and thought the overall process and rates were better than those of other lenders. “Finance of America went out of their way to make me feel comfortable with the process. They explained my options and showed me everything in writing. It was very clear,” said one customer from New York.

    Some customers expressed frustration with paying excess fees for multiple appraisals and maintenance insurance.

    Best mortgage refinancing
    Minimum credit score
    48 states (Not in NY or HI)
    Reverse mortgage options
    HECM, HECM for purchase and refinancing

    Liberty Reverse Mortgage is a direct lender and specializes in reverse mortgages. It has helped more than 75,000 borrowers since 2004. Homeowners can see if they qualify for a reverse mortgage within seconds without inputting sensitive financial information.

    Liberty does not force you to pay any lender fees upfront; you can finance them into the loan. Additionally, The Liberty Iron Clad Guarantee is a price match and closing date guarantee. If it cannot close your loan 60 days after receiving your application, you will receive $500 toward your closing costs.

    As with other lenders, you will be required to attend reverse mortgage counseling and live in your home as your primary residence. Additionally, you will be required to have a home appraisal and you will need to pay the initial mortgage insurance premium both at closing and annually over the life of the loan.

    • Price match and closing date guarantee
    • Free personalized loan assessment
    • Available in 48 states
    • Only HECMs
    • High fees
    • Fewer loan options than some competitors

    Customers liked that the company’s representatives took the time to answer all questions throughout the application and underwriting processes, which is especially helpful, since refinancing reverse mortgages can be a tricky process.

    While reviewers were happy with the reverse mortgage process, many felt it took too long. One customer from California said, “I refinanced and the application and the underwriting process took just a few weeks. It took quite awhile overall, though. I started in August (2021), and it ended Jan. 1 of this year (2022).”

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    Quick and easy. Get a Reverse Mortgage partner suggestion.

      What are reverse mortgages?

      Qualified homeowners age 62 and older can use a reverse mortgage to borrow against their home equity without having to make monthly payments back to the lender. With a reverse mortgage, you can receive a one-time cash payout or regularly recurring disbursements. The money isn’t due back until you move, sell the home or die.

      There are specific requirements you must meet to qualify for a reverse mortgage. Along with being the correct age, you must also:

      • Live in the home as your primary residence
      • Own your home outright or have a low mortgage balance
      • Not be behind on federal debts
      • Have your own funds set aside for property taxes, homeowners insurance and any homeowners association (HOA) fees
      • Keep your home in good shape
      • Go through Department of Housing and Urban Development-approved mortgage counseling (for a HECM)

      Since a reverse mortgage is a nonrecourse loan, lenders can’t demand back more than the home is worth. If the property is sold for more than the debt on the loan, you (or your estate) are entitled to the surplus.

      You’ll want to make sure you consider all the costs of a reverse mortgage. For instance, like a traditional mortgage, you’ll need to pay closing costs, origination fees and an appraisal fee. You might also need to pay a counseling fee or mortgage insurance premiums. And you’ll still be responsible for things like homeowners insurance, taxes and other costs.

      How to get a reverse mortgage

      Getting a reverse mortgage is a big decision. Because your primary residence is collateral for a reverse mortgage loan, it’s crucial to talk to your spouse, children or other heirs about whether or not they plan to live in your house after you. If you want to keep the house in your family, your children can potentially refinance your mortgage loan and maintain the title.

      The reverse mortgage application process typically takes between 30 and 45 days. If you’re eligible for a reverse mortgage and decide it’s the right move for you and your family, these are the steps you need to take.

      1. Get an appraisal
      You need to know exactly how much equity you have in your home. An appraisal is required to determine your home’s current fair market value, and you can see how much you owe on your house on your monthly mortgage statement.

      After you complete the initial application and submit a signed certificate, you must pay for an independent HUD-approved appraisal. An underwriter then reviews your application and sets a closing date if everything is in order.

      2. Find the right reverse mortgage lender
      You can find reverse mortgage products through direct lending companies and brokers. Reverse mortgage wholesale lenders can work with banks and brokers to originate proprietary loans. Few national banks offer reverse mortgage programs now, but some smaller banks still do. If you’re interested in a HECM, you should focus on FHA-approved reverse mortgage lenders.

      Ask each lender how much you qualify for, what your payment options are, if there are any restrictions on the proceeds and what kind of fees you should expect to pay. Look for a national reverse mortgage lender that walks you through the entire process and doesn’t resort to high-pressure sales tactics .

      3. Get HUD-approved counseling
      You’re required to meet with a counselor approved by HUD in order to get a HECM. During counseling, you learn more about how a reverse mortgage affects you and your family. Your counselor also helps you compare alternatives to reverse mortgages, like cash-out refinancing or a home equity loan.
      4. Complete the application
      The application will be easier to complete if you have all the right documentation in order. You need the following:
      • Valid government-issued identification (driver’s license or passport)
      • Verification that the property is your primary residence (bank statements or voter registration)
      • Proof of income (W-2, Social Security benefits letter or pay stubs)
      • 1009 form
      • Your counseling certificate
      5. Close on the reverse mortgage loan
      At closing, your loan officer meets with you, an attorney and a notary to sign the documents to finalize your reverse mortgage loan. After the three-day rescission period, you start receiving payment disbursements according to the terms of your reverse mortgage. Funds from HECM and proprietary reverse mortgages can be used for living expenses or whatever else you like.

      Once you close on a reverse mortgage, you have certain obligations to maintain the property and avoid going into default. These include keeping up with property taxes, homeowners insurance and HOA fees.


      Is a reverse mortgage right for me?

      A reverse mortgage isn’t right for everyone, but it can be a good financial tool for older homeowners who want supplemental income and who don’t plan to move, can afford to keep up with ongoing home costs, expect their home to increase in value or live on a fixed income.

      How much money do you get from a reverse mortgage?

      The maximum loan amount anyone can access through a HECM is $1,089,300 in 2023 (up from $970,800 in 2022). Proprietary reverse mortgages have no cap. Many private lending companies offer proprietary jumbo reverse mortgages up to $4 million.

      How much money you can receive depends on three factors: the value of your home, your age and current interest rates. The more your home is currently worth, the more funds you can get through a reverse mortgage. Expect to get up to 60% of your home’s current value.

      Who owns the home in a reverse mortgage?

      The borrower remains the owner of the home. The lender does not own the home, but it can exercise its right to a forced sale or foreclosure if you do not uphold your part of the contract.

      Can a reverse mortgage be refinanced?

      Like a traditional mortgage, you can refinance a reverse mortgage to get more favorable terms. Refinancing requirements vary based on the type of reverse mortgage and whether you want to refinance into a conventional mortgage or another reverse mortgage.

      To refinance a reverse mortgage, you must submit a new application and possibly schedule another session with a HUD-approved counselor.


      We started with the companies listed on this guide and narrowed them down by first eliminating those without any verified reviews on our site. Companies then had to have an overall satisfaction rating of at least 4 stars to stay on the list, which only left four brands in the running. Finally, we required our top picks to have at least a 2:1 ratio of 5-star to 1-star reviews.

      Once we made our selections, we analyzed verified review data collected between March 29, 2020, and March 29, 2021, to determine what customers consistently like most about our top-rated lenders.

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        Reverse mortgage company information

        Finance of America Reverse

        Finance of America Reverse provides homeowners aged 62 and older with financial independence for retirement through reverse mortgages. Eligible homeowners can get a free quote for FAR senior reverse mortgage services.

        Read 2970 Reviews
        Liberty Reverse Mortgage

        Liberty Reverse Mortgage, formerly known as Genworth Financial Home Equity Access, has been helping senior citizens gain financial independence and security through Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs) for almost a decade.

        • Reverse mortgage loan options: Liberty Reverse Mortgage is a direct lender for HECM and HECM for Purchase loans. Repair set-asides are not available with the HECM for Purchase.
        • Iron Clad Guarantee: Liberty’s Iron Clad Guarantee promises to deliver fair and competitive pricing and a loan closing within 60 days of the date the company receives your loan application and HUD Counseling Certificate. Liberty guarantees it will match or beat a competitor’s pricing, and it will give you a $100 gift card if it can’t.
        • Reverse mortgage calculator: Use Liberty’s free reverse mortgage calculator for estimates and rate comparisons.
        • Availability: Liberty is a direct lender licensed in all 50 states but does not currently offer consumer-direct retail reverse mortgage lending in Utah.
        • Best for: Seniors who want a fast reverse mortgage process.
        Read 2019 Reviews
        Intercontinental Capital Group

        Intercontinental Capital Group Inc. is licensed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as a Title II Mortgagee to offer government-insured Federal Housing Administration home loans and standard conventional financing.

        Read 160 Reviews
        American Advisors Group (AAG)

        American Advisors Group offers reverse mortgage loans and refinancing options. Dedicated loan specialists help you compare reverse mortgage interest rates.

        • Loan options: The company offers reverse mortgages, HECM for Purchase, jumbo and refinance loans.
        • Free reverse mortgage calculator: Use AAG’s free reverse mortgage calculator to figure out know much you could qualify for. Clients can also prequalify online.
        • Customer service: Some customer reports indicate that it took months for AAG to close on a reverse mortgage.
        • Comparison: Some consumers claim that they got less money once AAG closed on the mortgage than they would have from competing companies.
        Read 2111 Reviews
        Champion Mortgage

        Champion Mortgage is a division of Nationstar Mortgage. The company has been providing seniors and others with a variety of mortgage products since 1997.

        Read 70 Reviews
        All Reverse Mortgage Company

        All Reverse Mortgage Company offers HECM and HECM for Purchase loan options. Choose from a line of credit, lump-sum and term or tenure disbursements.

        Read 3 Reviews
        Open Mortgage

        Open Mortgage offers loan programs for traditional and reverse mortgages and refinancing options. The company provides mortgage products in 46 states and the District of Columbia.

          Reverse Mortgage Funding

          Reverse Mortgage Funding’s loan products include Equity Elite Reverse Mortgage, adjustable-rate HECM, fixed-rate HECM and Reverse Mortgage for Purchase.

          Read 2 Reviews
          One Reverse Mortgage

          One Reverse Mortgage is the largest reverse mortgage lender in America. Licensed loan officers lead borrowers through each step of the process in all 50 states. This process and the company’s licensed specialists make it an easy option for those new to the concept of reverse mortgages.

          Read 19 Reviews
          Quontic Bank

          Quontic Bank specializes in consumer banking and lending, including HECMs. Standard eligibility requirements apply. Personal checking and savings accounts are also available.

          • Loan options: Conventional, FHA and VA mortgages are available for owner-occupied and investment properties. Reverse and wholesale mortgages are also available.
          • Online tools: Clients get access to accounts through a mobile app.
          • Customer support: Representatives are available via live chat, phone, email and physical branch locations.
          • Availability: Quontic Bank serves residents nationwide. However, not all products are available in all states.

          Compare Reverse Mortgage Reviews

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